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While there are physiological aspects to homosexuality in humans, the issue is 
primarily a psycho-sociological one,  one which we only partially appreciate 
because of all the other problems we are facing.

There is a common belief that since men and women are the same in essence, 
there is no need for there to be both in a properly functioning family.  As I 
understand it, this is not true.  While they are the same in essence, they are 
very different in expression, a difference that is essential to the proper 
development of the individual.

While sexual activity is routinely trivialized in modern society, it is the 
strongest bonding mechanism that exists btwn two people, involving them 
simultaneously on all levels - mental, physical and spiritual.   It is this 
bond which is necessary to the rearing of the human young.  Humans spend nearly 
20% of their life developing to the point they can effectively function on 
their own, 15 years or more, far more than any animal.  That requires a strong 
committed nuclear family which in turn is best served by heterosexual monogamy. 

Don C

On Apr 5, 2013, at 10:26 55PM, David Regal wrote:

> The Baha'i Studies Listserv
> If humans are supposed to be heterosexual, as the Baha'i Writings say, why 
> are so many animals homosexual?  Did God intend many animals to be so?  If He 
> did then God is okay with homosexual animals but not humans, which I'd like 
> an explanation for.  Here is the Wikipedia article on homosexuality in 
> animals

He who believes himself spiritual proves he is not.

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