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Serious researchers agree.  The best evidence is actually the original 
identical twin study.  In spite of what gay activists claim, it proves that 
being homosexual is not primarily genetically determined.  

#1 - the participants were not found via some kind of random process, but were 
actively recruited thru' ads in gay interest magazines/newspaper at the time.  
Further, both siblings had to agree to the tests/questionaires.  This means 
that they were more open to the idea of homosexual acceptability than the 
general public.

#2 - in spite of this, only half of the identical twins who were homosexual had 
siblings who were also homosexual.  If homosexuality was indeed primarily 
genetically determined, then the correlation would have been on the order or 
95%, not 52%.  

Does this study prove there is a genetic element?  The methodology is too 
flawed to be definitive.  But it proves that there are other factors involved.  
If genetics is not, then, the determining element, then psycho-sociological 
factors must be.   And in fact we do not know in how many of the cases of 
positive correlation genetics was in fact the determining element.  

Numerous studies over the last 50 years have shown that homosexual activity is 
far higher than had been previously tho't.  What these studies show more 
conclusively is that most humans are biologically bisexual in their interests 
and that the expression of this interest is determined by social mores.  There 
also appears to be a very small percentage of people who are exclusively 
heterosexual or homosexual, who are incapable of orgasm in any other way.  My 
personal guess is that each of these two categories prob constitute on the 
order of 1:1000.

Don C

On Apr 9, 2013, at 10:31 04AM, Stephen Kent Gray wrote:

> Don C, social conservatives say that all the time despite evidence 
> contradicting that. Any scientific evidence behind your theories?

Understood properly, all man's problems are essentially spiritual in nature.

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