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On Apr 10, 2013, at 12:59 34PM, Stephen Kent Gray wrote:

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> How would you verify or falsify such an unscientific claim? It also seems you 
> are making the theoretical perfect the enemy of the practical good?
> Even if as you claim, heterosexual monogamy has greater potential than 
> homosexual monogamy. This claim is scientifically dubious though. It doesn't 
> follow not to allow same sex marriage or same sex adoption. 

You're right.  This is a conclusion based largely on philosophy/theology.  

> You seem to imply heterosexual monogamy has a monopoly on stability. 
> You can't predict whether any given family will be stable or unstable based 
> on such variables.

I'm not claiming that the reason for giving preference to a monogamous 
heterosexual relationship is stability w/in the family.  
my position is that for optimum rearing a child requires both a mother and 
father; and that a man can not be an effective mother not a woman an effective 
I realize this idea is inconsistent w/ the contemporary liberal secular view, 
but I don't really care.  It is consistent w/ my understanding of Baha'i 

Don C

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> On Apr 9, 2013, at 16:20, Don Calkins <> wrote:
>> The Baha'i Studies Listserv
>> Aha, my mistake.
>> I don't think there are any that are really good.  That's because this is a 
>> very complex topic w/ an unknown number of important factors, and because we 
>> are currently living in a fundamentally dysfunctional society.  
>> At the present time, I doubt that monogamous heterosexual relationships 
>> regularly produce a significantly superior family atmosphere over any other. 
>>  i believe they have the potential to do so, but that this potential is 
>> largely squandered or overwhelmed by outside influences.  
>> Don C
>> On Apr 9, 2013, at 2:05 14PM, Stephen Kent Gray wrote:
>>> I was talking about heterosexual monogamy being best, what studies of 
>>> homosexual monogamy and parenting are you familiar with? 
>> -----------
>> It doesn't matter whether the sun shines if you never go outside.

It doesn't matter whether the sun shines if you never go outside.

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