Dear Sir/Madam,
*                               *Hope all will be fine. I want to introduce
our company. We are manufacturer and supplier of all kind of Masonic
regalia products such as Masonic apron,Masonic gloves,Masonic T-shirts,
collars, sashes, banners, gauntlets, mm apron, fc apron,Masonic jeweller
,Apron Cases, hand and machine embroidered aprons collars and sashes. We
can also make customized designs according to demand. We manufacturer and
send our products on lots if you directly buy from us we hope it will be
cheaper for you.

So If you are interested and have some custom designs please send us with

We are also making all kind of hand and machine embroidered badges,
militaries supplies, insignia, shoulder boards etc...

Looking to hear from you.

Download some of our pictures with prices here....

Our products
Masonic Aprons
Masonic Apron Collar Sashes Badges

Send your designs for pricing.

All The Best

Following Order products can be designed by our company:

*Craft Regalia, Craft Provincial Regalia, Craft Grand Rank Regalia, Craft
Provincial Stewart Regalia, Craft Grand Stewart Regalia, Royal Arch
Regalia, Royal Arch Provincial and Grand Rank Regalia, Supreme Grand Grand
Chapter Regalia, Mark Degree Regalia, Mark Provincial Regalia, Mark Grand
Rank Regalia, Royal Ark Mariner Regalia, RAOB Regalia, Allied Masonic
Degree Regalia, Grand Council Regalia, Royal Ark Mariner Provincial & Grand
Rank Regalia, 30 Degree, 18 Degree, 33 Degree, 32 Degree, 26 Degree, 43
Degree, 90 Degree, 95 Degree, Knight Templar Regalia, York Rite Regalia,
Side Degree, Apron and Collar, Sashes, Banners, Gauntlets, Gloves, Apron
Badges, Masonic Badges, T's Levels, Skin Badges, Fringe, Lace Braid,
Ribbon, Metal Triangle, Metel Levels, Metal Tassels, Belts, Caps, Print
Aprons, Rosette, Shoulder Boards, Leather Gloves Cotton Gloves etc etc...*

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Saba Bhatti
Fair Goods Traders
Sialkot, Pakistan
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