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You have prodded the sleeping elephant in the room!

I recall many years ago there was a Bahai bumper sticker that read, "Human
Rights are God Given Rights". But now that sexual preference is considered a
human right by many countries along with the United Nations, you don't see
this bumper sticker any more.

Over the years having known a number of gay Bahais, both male and female,
who have struggled with their issues of sexual identity, most have ended up
leaving the Bahai Faith because in it they found no sense of spiritual
refuge. Instead most encountered a lot of mean spirited behaviour of self
righteous Bahais of which unfortunately, there are more than a few.

Then there is another group of Bahais who marry into relationships with
other gay Bahais of the opposite sex. They do this to "pass" as straight for
various reasons and they also struggle with the inherent conflicts of being
homosexual in the Bahai Faith.

It is all very sad for these human beings and I have discovered that there
is little compassion found in our communities for these people. I cannot
imagine that this is what Baha'u'llah  had in mind nor how Abdul Baha would
want us to treat these children of God.

I am sure that some of the Bahais will comfort themselves with Bahai
scripture as a way of justifying their behaviour. But it shouldn't take
scripture to love all of human kind without exception.


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