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I remember talking about these concepts earlier. Post conventional morality is 
based on a social contract and universal ethical principles without regards to 
specific terms on which they need to be based upon. Conventional morality is 
based on authority and conformity which requires a specific norm and everyone 
to conform to it. Pre conventional morality is based on rewards and 

Don C seem to think the Baha'i Faith is the prime example of a post 
conventional religion. You can look at them and see which new religious 
movements are even better examples of a post conventional religion. This is 
especially with regards to sexual morality and ethics as a subtropical as well. 

Bahai's tend to have a lot of conventional morality. Just look at the Aqdas and 
try and see wether or not that qualifies as a convention. 

To summarize, why is anything more than the platinum rule, golden rule, silver 
rule, and non aggression principle which are all the same thing enough? 
Especially when you apply these to sexuality (which was the last topic that 
spilled over in those topic)? 

Among major religious groups or world religions: Baha'i Faith, Cao Dai, 
Cheodogyo, Tenrikyo, Wicca, Sekai Kysuei Kyo, Seicho No Ie, Rastafarianism, 
Unitarian Universalism, Scientology, Eckankar, LaVeyanism, Raƫlism, 
Neo-Druidism, etc. are all new religious movements.

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