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IMO, this is a reference to the True Believer who comes to Akka as a pilgrim to 
see Baha'u'llah.  

Don C

On Apr 18, 2013, at 4:27 10PM, Matt Haase wrote:

> But by the same token, the Epistle to the Son of the Wolf states that one's 
> past and future sins would be forgiven them if they counted forty waves while 
> saying, "God is the Most Great" in Akka. There is also the Baha'i teaching of 
> the progression of the soul after death, so every soul will eventually be at 
> peace with God - but some may take longer than others, which is the incentive 
> to live a good life now. It seems like a better deal than claiming that we 
> get one chance, and one chance only, otherwise we will spend eternity in 
> Hell. Those are just my thoughts anyway.
> "The Apostle of God—may the blessings of God and His salutations be upon 
> Him—hath also said: “He that looketh upon the sea at eventide, and saith: 
> ‘God is Most Great!’ at sunset, God will forgive his sins, though they be 
> heaped as piles of sand. And he that counteth forty waves, while repeating: 
> ‘God is Most Great!’—exalted be He—God will forgive his sins, both past and 
> future.”

Understood properly, all man's problems are essentially spiritual in nature.

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