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I like the Golden Rule as the beginning, the middle, and the end of all ethics 
and of all morality.

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> I remember talking about these concepts earlier. Post conventional morality 
> is based on a social contract and universal ethical principles without 
> regards to specific terms on which they need to be based upon. Conventional 
> morality is based on authority and conformity which requires a specific norm 
> and everyone to conform to it. Pre conventional morality is based on rewards 
> and punishments. 
> Don C seem to think the Baha'i Faith is the prime example of a post 
> conventional religion. You can look at them and see which new religious 
> movements are even better examples of a post conventional religion. This is 
> especially with regards to sexual morality and ethics as a subtropical as 
> well. 
> Bahai's tend to have a lot of conventional morality. Just look at the Aqdas 
> and try and see wether or not that qualifies as a convention. 
> To summarize, why is anything more than the platinum rule, golden rule, 
> silver rule, and non aggression principle which are all the same thing 
> enough? Especially when you apply these to sexuality (which was the last 
> topic that spilled over in those topic)? 
> Among major religious groups or world religions: Baha'i Faith, Cao Dai, 
> Cheodogyo, Tenrikyo, Wicca, Sekai Kysuei Kyo, Seicho No Ie, Rastafarianism, 
> Unitarian Universalism, Scientology, Eckankar, LaVeyanism, Raƫlism, 
> Neo-Druidism, etc. are all new religious movements. 
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