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I've never seen anything in the writings or sayings to suggest a comepletely 
egalitarian, stress-free environment any time in the foreseeable future. The 
standard formula is abolition of the Extremes of wealth and poverty. The 
writings say no one should starve. 

cf. Paris Talks pp151-152

"We see amongst us men who are overburdened with  riches on the one hand, and 
on the other those unfortunate  ones who starve with nothing; those who possess 
 several stately palaces, and those who have not where  to lay their head.  
Some we find with numerous courses  of costly and dainty food; whilst others 
can scarce find  sufficient crusts to keep them alive.  Whilst some are  
clothed in velvets, furs and fine linen, others have insufficient,  poor and 
thin garments with which to  protect them from the cold.   

     This condition of affairs is wrong, and must be  remedied.  Now the remedy 
must be carefully undertaken.   It cannot be done by bringing to pass absolute  
equality between men.  152

     Equality is a chimera!  It is entirely impracticable!   Even if equality 
could be achieved it could not continue—and if its existence were possible, the 
whole order of  the world would be destroyed.  The law of order must  always 
obtain in the world of humanity.  Heaven has  so decreed in the creation of 

     Some are full of intelligence, others have an ordinary  amount of it, and 
others again are devoid of intellect.   In these three classes of men there is 
order but not  equality.  How could it be possible that wisdom and  stupidity 
should be equal?  Humanity, like a great army,  requires a general, captains, 
under-officers in their  degree, and soldiers, each with their own appointed  
duties.  Degrees are absolutely necessary to ensure  an orderly organization.  
An army could not be composed  of generals alone, or of captains only, or of  
nothing but soldiers without one in authority.  The  certain result of such a 
plan would be that disorder  and demoralization would overtake the whole army.  
     " - 'Abdu'l-Baha

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Hi all,

Will there be social classes in a future Bahá'í State where the money is a 
problem to access services and education as it is now?

I appreciate your answers.


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