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> I doubt he is a bahá'í, if he is I'd be positively impressed that he was not
> removed from the rolls because of his political activities.

I believe Mark checked and found he was still enrolled.

> If he is a bahá'í I'd be also surpraised that the media and the world of
> ufology didn't link the name of the Faith with his activities.

I don't know that the media pays much attention to him, but the world
of ufology is very much aware he is a Baha'i and is suspicious of him
because of that.

 I never saw
> any information from him saying that he is a bahá'í or answering a question
> in that sense.

I have.
> He *seems* a nice guy, and if he is looking for the truth as bahá'ís should
> be, then probably aliens have more role than we imagine.

He's not all that nice. As I understand it he has threatened people
with violence.

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