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>  Response from the Institutions about Steven Greer
> -------- Original Message --------  Subject: Re: A discussion on Facebook
> concerning extraterrestrials and Steven Greet  Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2013
> 09:08:16 -0600  From: Baha'i Internet Agency
> <> <>  To: Mike
> Moum <> <>
> Dear Baha'i Friend,
> We apologize for the delay in our response.  Thank you for your message.
> The Baha'i institutions are aware of the activity of Mr. Greer and his
> ideas are in no way endorsed by them.  If you still have concerns about
> the two believers you mention, you may wish to contact an Auxiliary Board
> member.
> With loving greetings,
> Baha'i Internet Agency
> > Dear friends,
> > I am writing to you because I am concerned about a recent thread on
> Facebook, started by a Baha'i, about alien life on earth and the
> suppression of evidence by a conspiracy composed of governments and
> various others, and in which Steven Greer is mentioned. Mr Greer is
> apparently a Baha'i, served for three years at the World Center in Haifa,
> and is the head of the "Disclosure Project", which aims to get the
> government to reveal the evidence it is suppressing. He has also founded
> an organization, known as CSETI, which solicits money from people in order
> to fund its research. He is controversial even in the UFO advocated
> community, and one of the reasons why many ufologists discredit him is
> that he is a Baha'i.
> > What I am particularly concerned about is that at least two Baha'is who
> I know personally, and consider to be well deepened and grounded in the
> Faith, and who I have found to have good judgment, are enthusiastic
> supporters of him, and seem to imply, as I see it, that his status as a
> Baha'i who has served at the World Center lends credibility to his claims.
> <deleted>
> There is an ongoing discussion of this topic on the Baha'i Studies email list,
> and one of the Baha'is there suggested that this topic should be brought
> to the attention of the Institutions if some of the believers are taking
> him seriously. Support of Greer's claims of a conspiracy to suppress
> evidence also implies, in my opinion, criticism of the
> government. Your office was suggested, so I am writing to you.
> <deleted>
> > Warmly,
> > Mike Moum
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