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Anybody seen anything vaguely similar to this in the Baha'i Writings?  These 
are new claims to me.

"The Judeo-Christian and Muslim texts mention Damascus as an important landmark 
in the geography of the Second Coming. To some Christian and Muslim scholars it 
was only a matter of time before the conflict would reach Damascus. So keen are 
they to share their analysis that the moment you say, "Damascus," they say, 
"Ask us!"
Ask my Christian friends and they quote Isaiah 17:1: "Behold, Damascus will 
cease to be a city and will become a heap of ruins." Note the language. It does 
not talk about destruction. It suggests annihilation after which Damascus will 
cease to exist as a city.

Isaiah 17 then ends with a vision of Armageddon, which brings Jesus Christ on 
the scene. Jeremiah 49 and Zechariah 9 make similar violent references 
regarding the fate of Damascus.

Ask my Muslim friends and they quote Chapter 4 verse 159 of the Quran which 
indicates the Second Coming of Jesus. Prophet Muhammad prophesized "Allah would 
send Christ, son of Mary, and he will descend with the white minaret, east of 
Damascus, wearing two garments lightly dyed with saffron and placing his hands 
on the wings of two Angels," thus directly linking Damascus with the Second 
Coming. Surprised?

Don C

Understood properly, all man's problems are essentially spiritual in nature.

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