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I recently found an old pamphlet entitled “The World Religion A summary of Its 
Aims, Teachings and History by SHOGHI EFFENDI Guardian of the Bahá'i Faith” as 
reprinted Jan 1941.  
Poking around, I find it is  Appendix II of Martha Root’s “Tahirih, the Pure” 
which had been published in 1937.
see of 
Tahirih (Martha Root)[64].pdf
But I can’t find it printed anywhere else as such, tho’ it appears to be a 
formal statement, perhaps to the British Mandate.  Mr. Giachery notes, “we must 
remember the friendly relations he maintained in brilliantly conceived letters 
to the authorities of the British Mandate in Palestine and, after 1948, of the 
State of Israel, activities which greatly enhanced the prestige of the Faith, 
as did his communications with outstanding leaders and personalities in various 
countries of Europe.”  So there are obviously materials that has never been 
Several paragraphs are cited individually in the BN of July 1934, and Ives 
quotes one sentence in Portals to Freedom.
Perhaps Shoghi Effendi sent a copy of a statement to the NSA which it did not 
publish as a single document?  Any suggestions?
¶1- BN 85 - July 1934 - page 1
¶2-BN 85 - July 1934 - page 4-5
¶3 -> 5 - Found only in Appendix II
¶6 - The first sentence is also found in Ives’ “Portals to Freedom”, first 
published in SOTW Dec 1934; otherwise not found elsewhere
¶7 - Found only in Appendix II
¶8 - No. 85 - July 1934 - page 7

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