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I'm interested to know whether what we've found over here is true all over the 
place.  It's been very difficult getting decent numbers to cluster meetings for 
quite a few years.  There was a discussion about the subject at a recent 
meeting where a couple people expressed aversion to the idea of door knocking 
as the reason.  I hadn't thought about this before but it sounds right.  One 
person in our community has a monthly deepening on a particular week of the 
month, and chose to hold it on the same morning as the expansion phase as a 
competing event.

I heard a report from a recent pilgrim about them shutting down the new pilgrim 
house and going back to the old because donations are down.  I hope this has no 
connection with the door knocking, as I would be less likely to want to join a 
religion if I knew they wanted me involved in door knocking.


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