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Here is my brief summary of Dialectical metaRealism. It is influenced primarily 
by Roy Bhaskar's philosophies of critical realism and metaReality. However, I 
think it can also be useful in framing some Baha'i concepts:

Dialectical metaRealism<>™ (Mark A. 
Foster<>): Applies critical realism and the philosophy of 
metaReality to intersectionality, social constructionism, world-systems 
analysis, and the social model of disability. In Echoes of Cosmic 
Unity<>™, the Real is illustrated on 
multiple levels (beginning with elemental cohesion and ending with cosmic 
unity). The world system (or “world order”) is seen as progressing through five 
revolutionary stages (the contradictions of capitalism, individualist 
anarchism, grassroots communism, rebuilding from the bottom up, and socialist 
global statism). Therefore, the end result is expected to be a socialist 
world-system (or socialist “new world order”). Social construction (action in 
copresence) is distinguished from social destruction (action in demireality). 
The pun of Dialectical metaRealism on dialectical materialism was unintended.

Namaste, Mark A. Foster, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology
Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, KS
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