Dear Susan,

Yep. And I personally think that is the way it should be. The House of
Justice does not have the authority to decide who is or who is not a
Manifestations. But individuals, even those serving in the highest
capacities certainly have the right to express their personal opinions on
this matter.

What does this mean in regard to the next Manifestation, who will have to present Himself to the House of Justice? Of course I think the House members at the time of the next Manifestation will be spiritual people and would be able to recognize the Manifestation, but would their infallibility as a group extend to being able to tell who the next Manifestation is? Will the majority opinion of the House members on the next Manifestation settle the issue, to the extent where people will be disfellowshipped as Covenant-breakers if they reject it, or will the House make it clear that their belief is their opinion, and Baha'is are free to reject it if they like? The thing is, it would get problematic if Baha'is were to reject their decision, because the House would have to implement new laws in accordance with those revealed by the new Manifestation. Now that I think about it, though I don't think the House can appoint Hands, I would think they must be protected so that they will recognize the next Manifestation, as otherwise this body that is freed from error and guided by Baha'u'llah might make decisions based on laws made by some impostor that were not from God. The infallible body would then become fallible. It would seem, therefore, that the House must be able to decide on the validity of the next Manifestation. How would things work otherwise? The Writings say that the House of Justice, when elected properly, is infallible. Therefore, I would think those faithful to the Covenant would have to obey the House if it announced that a new Manifestation had appeared, and informed us about a new book of laws that it was going to put into place from that time.

I don't see it as a tension. I personally believe Quetzecoatyl was a
Manifestation, but I don't think anyone has the authority to make any
pronouncement about that.

I thought all Manifestations were supposed to come from the East. Am I misled about this? Is the evidence that Quetzelcoatl lived strong, as I've heard that it's not universally agreed that he ever existed, and when he lived isn't clear. I wouldn't think that Baha'u'llah was the return of White Buffalo Calf Woman, though, but that's based on my belief that all Manifestations in the Adamic Cycle were male.



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