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 Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy, July 2005
 En Clair
 Exclusive Reports on Issues of Strategic Significance
 Bosnia's Now-Clear Link to the London, Madrid, and US Attacks
 FORENSIC AND OTHER intelligence has now linked the London terrorist
 bombings of July 7, 2005, to terrorist support operations in Bosnia, just
 as the terrorist attacks of March 11, 2004, on Madrid, and September 11,
 2001, on New York and Washington were later discovered to be linked to the
 Bosnian nexus. Despite this, the United Kingdom and United States
 governments have consistently gone out of their way to reject intelligence
 input which in any way implicates the Bosnians, and particularly the
 Bosnian Islamist jihadists linked to the SDA (Party of Democratic Action)
 party of the late Alija Izetbegovic, who was directly supported by the UK
 Blair Government and the former US Clinton Government.
 Balkan government intelligence sources from more than one country have
 confirmed that they had been consistently rebuffed when attempting to
 advise British MI-6 (Secret intelligence Service: SIS) officers, or US
 State Department or Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officers in the
 region about jihadist operations in the area, linked to both the loose
 al-Qaida collection of networks, or to the Iranian Government. One source,
 debriefed by Defense & Foreign Affairs in the region on July 8, 2005,
 specifically noted: "They don't want to hear about it." At the same time,
 British MI-5 (Security Service) sources have told Defense and Foreign
 Affairs that they had been warned by their own Government (ie: 10 Downing
 Street) not to bring forth intelligence which raised doubts about links
 between British extremist Islamists and Bosnia.
 It is clear that, both in the UK and US, there was an "intelligence
 failure" which contributed to the unimpeded execution of the London
 bombings, the Madrid bombings, and the September 11, 2001, attacks on the
 US, but it was an "intelligence failure" caused by strong political
 suppression from above of any suggestion that UK and US policies toward
 SDA Government of Izetbegovic in the 1990s was misguided. As well, the
 State Department at a bureaucratic level has continued to insist on a
 continuation during the Bush Administration of policies created toward the
 Balkans by the Clinton Administration, despite the clear evidence that
 these policies were now seen to be contrary to good governance in the
 former Yugoslavia. In the case of the UK, the Blair Administration is
 merely continuing with its policies from the 1990s.
 What is significant in the case of the UK is that UK Military Intelligence
 was, during the period of the John Major Government, hostile toward the
 approach of SIS toward the Balkans, considering it "soft" on the jihadists
 and dangerous to the British troops operating within the United Nations
 Protection Force (UNPROFOR) inside Bosnia. The SIS and Foreign &
 Commonwealth Office line - sympathetic to the jihadists - was more in
 keeping with British Labour Party policies, and was thus adopted when Tony
 Blair and Labour were elected on May 1, 1997.
 Since that time, not only have the US and UK governments attempted to
 disguise or suppress evidence of the linkages of the terrorist buildup in
 and to Bosnia, they have punished and isolated any officials who might
 question the "political correctness" of their approach. The result has
 to essentially allow and encourage, or at least tacitly facilitate, the
 terrorist buildup which created all of the major terrorist attacks in
 Europe and North America in recent years.
 Reuven Paz, the Director of the Project for the Research of Islamist
 Movements, reported on July 11, 2005, in a study for the Intelligence and
 Terrorism Information Center in Israel:
 "The bombings in London's public transportation system on July 7, 2005,
 too similar to the March 11, 2004, Madrid explosions, consisting of 10
 explosive devices aboard four commuter trains during rush hour to ignore
 the possible connection. The nature of the attacks; the lack of the
 of martyrdom; the two declarations of responsibility by "al-Qaida's Secret
 Group in Europe," and by the 'Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigades;" and, above all,
 the clear link to the Islamist insurgency in Iraq, all - point at a
 Moroccan/Algerian cell or grouping that is carrying out the global
 and doctrines of al-Qaida. Whereas the orders and the operational planning
 did not necessarily stem from the al-Qaida leadership in Afghanistan,
 Pakistan or elsewhere, the strategy did."
 On May 2, 2005, Defense & Foreign Affairs Special Analysis noted:
 "Apart from the mounting evidence of Bosnian linkage to the Madrid
 of March 11, 2004, there is now evidence that the al-Qaida assets
 controlled in Iraq byAbu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi have plans to work through
 Bosnia to undertake a major WMD terrorist action in Europe, reportedly
 utilizing a nuclear or other WMD device. US military forces captured this
 information directly from Zarqawi's laptop computer abandoned when the
 al-Qaida leader was forced to flee his position as US forces closed in on
 him. There are also reports that Zarqawi had also earlier dispatched a
 number of special terrorists, involved in chemical and/or biological
 weapons, into Bosnia to prepare for attacks on European targets.
 "Zarqawi's intimate involvement with the terrorist infrastructure in the
 Balkans, and B-H [Bosnia-Herzegovina] in particular, was absolutely
 clarified by the intelligence gathered from his laptop, and from the
 extensive flow of Islamist fighters fed into his Iraq insurgency from B-H
 training and logistical bases.
 "Despite this, the US State Department has continued to support - as it
 during the Clinton Administration and then at the behest of the Clinton
 White House - the B-H SDA leaders, who support the Islamist terrorist
 operations. At the same time, the State Department has worked to destroy
 the RS [Republica Srpska] leaders who have provided the most significant
 intelligence support to the US and NATO on regional terrorist assets."
 And confirming Zarqawi's preeminent role in the North African jihadist
 movement, from whence much of the manpower derived for the Madrid
 Defense & Foreign Affairs Senior Analyst Yossef Bodansky noted in a June
 20, 2005, report entitled "Zarqawi Begins to Take His Jihad Into North
 "[M]essages confirm that the key Islamist-jihadist forces in North
Africa -
 specifically in Mauritania, Morocco and Algeria - have been unified into a
 single regional command answerable to Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi and through
 directly to Osama bin Laden and his Shura. Called 'The al-Qaida
 Organization in the Land of the Berbers,' the new command unifies, and/or
 coordinates between, virtually all the Islamist-jihadist forces in the
 entire North Africa. All the senior and key commanders, as well as
 of the new organization are veterans of war in Iraq, having been trained
 Syria and/or Iran, and then fought for about a year in the ranks of
 al-Zarqawi's forces in Iraq."
 There are extensive other links between Bosnia and, for example, the
 bombings, including one link which emerged only on July 11, 2005, in a
 report which highlighted the relationship between the newly-appointed
 Bosnian Ambassador to the US, Dr Bicera Turkovic, and the jihadist who
 declared al-Qaida's responsibility for the Madrid attacks. Defense &
 Foreign Affairs Special Analysis of July 11, 2005, in a report entitled
 "Additional Evidence of Support for Terrorists, Violations of Arms
 Trafficking Laws by New Bosnian Ambassador to US," dealing with the
 Turkovic appointment to the US, noted:
 "One of the mujahedin from Afghanistan who went into Split [Croatia]
 this period and met with [then, in the early 1990s, Bosnian Ambassador to
 Croatia] Bisera Turkovic's driver was Abu Dujam al-Afghani, the person who
 declared that al-Qaida took responsibility for the March 11, 2004, Madrid
 bombings. Because of his accent, people who met him concluded that Abu
 Dujan was from North Africa, and probably from Morocco. [Abu Dujam
 al-Afghani is nom deguerre]. Abu Dujam means Sveti Duje who was the
 Catholic Saint protector of the city of Split, and al Afghani is clear.
 real name remains unknown."
 Sources confirm that the London bombings in no way represent the pinnacle
 of operations against the West, and that major strikes continue to be
 planned against the US, including the use of nuclear weapons, already
 smuggled into the US via Mexico.
 In the meantime, it is expected that jihadist strikes against civilian
 targets will occur in Warsaw and Rome, to protest the Polish and Italian
 support for the war in Iraq, and that, failing appropriate
 counter-terrorist action and preemptive intelligence, terrorist incidents
 would rise in intensity in Western Europe until they match the type of
 actions undertaken in Iraq. This would include kidnapings and ritualized
 beheadings of victims.
 Adequate countermeasures cannot be achieved until the coordinating nexus
 the operations, in Bosnia, is controlled, and to achieve this, the US and
 UK need to end both the pro-jihadist leadership of Bosnia under Britain's
 Paddy Ashdown as High Representative for Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the
 "politically-correct" approach which ignores the reality of anti-Western
 terrorism command and control, and Islamist-related narco-trafficking in
 Bosnia, Kosovo, and jihadist-occupied southern Serbia.
 [The attached document, in MS Word, retains the original format.]
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