Dear Albrecht,

The patch is working for me with all my email accounts at different service providers. Thank you.
Best regards,
John Jack Doe

On 18 Apr 2017 15:39:45, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
Hi John Jack:

Am 17.04.17 15:21 schrieb(en)
I have an email account. Retrieving email is working. Sending email aborts with failure 501. Here is the debugging log:
** (balsa:10386): DEBUG: W 'MAIL FROM:<> RET=HDRS ENVID=AS7YTTPP.PM3KQIOR.K4KZE5NR@VHL5VDJN.EOVDB43N.YHRW6TNF' ** (balsa:10386): DEBUG: R '501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments'

Ooops. You found a bug in the SMTP code. The GMX server does not support Delivery Status Notifications (DSN), but I mistakenly try to configure DSN parameters...

The attached patch fixes the following:
- do not set SMTP DSN parameters for a server not supporting it
- fix long delay when sending a message fails in the callback
- improve SMTP unit tests
- improve the test environment script as to place the results readable in the cwd

Thanks for pointing me to this issue,
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