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Hi All!

An irritating bug has been mentioned on the list, e.g. by Jack[0]

This last one is different from the issue that the first time I click anywhere 
in the body of a message (default layout, lower right pane) it seems to scroll 
the message down just enough to move the header area out of view.  This happens 
whether I am displaying a plain text or an html message.

Just hoping that it would go away was tempting, but hasn't solved the problem 
:-) I finally found it aggravating enough to track it down, and file a bug[1] 
against Balsa describing what I found. I'm testing a workaround, and will post 
a patch to the bug if it seems solid.

All contributions welcome!


[0] https://mail.gnome.org/archives/balsa-list/2015-April/msg00000.html
[1] https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=795085

Embarrassingly simple fix! Long, long ago, we had to wrap a message in a 
GtkViewport before adding it to the GtkScrolledWindow that makes it, well, 
scrollable. Then GtkScrolledWindow added a 'convenience' feature, adding the 
GtkViewport automatically when needed, so we stopped doing it for ourselves. 
Unmentioned in the documentation of the feature is that it adds another 
'convenience', namely scrolling a child widget to the top of the scrolled 
window when it gets the focus, for example by--you guessed it--clicking on it. 
So thank you, GtkScrolledWindow, for all those years of 'convenient' scrolling!

A fix in master reverts that old change; we go back to wrapping the message in 
a viewport, and clicking no longer leads to unwanted scrolling.

Happy mailing (with clicks),


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