Hello Annapoornima,
  Good work with the videos.

I used to make tutorial videos of Emacs but stopped due to lack of time. I have a few suggestions that might help you get more mileage out of low cost equipment.

1. If you make the whole thing into a screencast rather than a video (via a webcam), you won't need the camera and you have a way to show slides/notes or something else that can support your presentation. This will be especially valuable during sessions where you're showing code.

2. It looks like you're recording using your laptop microphone. You can get much better audio quality if you use a cheap headset with a microphone close to your mouth. Your own voice will be much higher and the background noise will be much lower. I think the one I used was just a few hundred Rupees and was the kid of single ear thing that tech support people are often seen wielding.

3. There's a hum in the background (I'm guessing it's a fan). It's very uniform and you can easily clean this up using audacity or some other free tool.

Here's an example of one of the Emacs screencasts that I made http://archive.org/embed/EmacsMovies/12.3-episode-gnus-3.webm. The noise clearing was done manually using audacity but the rest of the workflow (boosting audio, adding mezzanine clips, transcoding to multiple formats and uploading) is automated using ffmpeg and other tools. The details are there in this Makefile https://gist.github.com/nibrahim/2466292. One of the early posts on the website discusses the workflow too http://emacsmovies.org/blog/2012/01/21/welcome_to_emacsmovies.org/.


On , Annapoornima Koppad wrote:
Dear All,

I have been receiving a lot of appreciation and feedback on my Python
Programming videos. Thank you for that.

However, some of the feedback do suggest better video recording amongst
others. I have been shooting my laptop camera which might explain the poor
quality of the videos. In order to make my videos better, I am raising
funds to buy better equipment. Please do donate and circulate amongst your
friends as well.


Thanks all so much for the encouragement and feedback.

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