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Building and Deploying Machine Learning models on Cloud

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In this free webinar, the attendees would learn how to build a seamless
end-to-end data driven application – Starting from data ingestion, data
exploration, creating a simple machine learning model, exposing the output
as a RESTful API and integrating it with a dashboard – to solve a business
problem. The demo will be using Python and on Digital Ocean.

*key takeaways to the audience*
1. Solve a business problem using Machine Learning
2. Build Machine Learning on cloud
3. Deploy machine learning models on cloud and integrate it with a dashboard

Amit Kapoor
Bargava Subramanian

*A brief description about the speakers*

Amit Kapoor teaches the craft of telling visual stories with data. You can
find more about him at amitkaps.com and tweet him at @amitkaps.

Bargava Subramanian is a Machine Learning Engineer based out of Bangalore.
You can know more about him at bargava.com and tweet him at @bargava.
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