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Date: Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 1:38 AM
Subject: [PythonExpress] Beginner Python3 workshop request in Bangalore,
Feb 5th to 8th with renumeration


Firstly, apologies. I would have posted this directly to the Python Express
website but apparently they do not take requests for workshops that are
less than two weeks away. But my requirement still exists and I'm hoping
someone can spare a little time. This is also a *paid opportunity to do
FOSS work*, and therefore I'm pushing it anyway.

My college, BMS Institute of Technology[1], requests *two speakers* to give
a talk on a basic Introduction to Python. They plan to hold two parallel
sessions in labs that can accommodate *30 students* each. The time frame
for the workshop is *Feb 5th to Feb 8th*. Speakers can chose any number of
days in this frame that they will be available. My professors have already
framed a tentative syllabus which can be accessed on a google drive
here[2]. As this workshop will be held as a part of our local GLUG
activities, I request the speakers to teach on a Linux-based platform. Any
required packages, OS, etc will be set up on the systems beforehand and
internet access will be provided via LAN cable to them.

if you are interested and available, please get in touch with me!



Thanking you,

Tanvi Bhakta

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