Tough cookie. I wouldn’t classify it as a job since it’s equity from a 
non-public entity so it doesn’t hold any value. I think the subject tag should 
be something like [Volunteer wanted] or [Looking for Volunteers].

Saifur Rahman Mohsin
Technology Evangelist

On 02-Aug-2018, at 10:29 PM, Jaysinh shukla <> wrote:

On Thu, Aug 2, 2018 at 6:06 PM, Raghuraman Ramachandran <> wrote:

> Dear BangPypers
> We are a small fintech looking for a full time person who can come on
> board as the lead developer purely on an equity basis.
> Preferred someone with not more than 5 years experience in the
> fintech/financial industry having superb grasp of
> python/django/angularjs and preferably some C or C++ knowledge.
> Our product is receiving rave reviews and we are in the stage of
> prospecting and clinching some sales but nothing is guaranteed yet.
> Therefore, looking for someone who is really self driven and who
> understands the risks associated in joining such ventures. What is
> guaranteed though is a lot of learning.
> If interested please mail your cv here.
> Thank you,
> Raghu
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Please add appropriate tags in the subject of the mail. All the job opening
emails should have an additional tag "[JOB]" in the subject.

     Jaysinh :)
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