пятница, 16 сентября 2016 г., 21:26:30 UTC+3 пользователь marco.van.wieringen 

> - As of 03/09/2016 I have stopped being the Bareos
>   gatekeeper (e.g. the person who controls the core git repo.)
> - I also upstreamed my last patches internally for 17.2
>   (e.g. current master.)
> - I will go low profile on the mailing lists.
> - I will lay down my role as CTO of Bareos GmbH & Co K.G.
> - I will no longer be the lead developer of Bareos
> - Start with a 4 month sabbatical and looking around to see
>   what to do next.
> I wish everyone the best for the future and thank everyone
> I worked with the last years in our small community for what
> we have accomplished.
> -- 
> Marco van Wieringen                   marco.van.wierin...@bareos.com
> Bareos GmbH & Co. KG                  Phone: +49-221-63069389
> http://www.bareos.com                     
> Sitz der Gesellschaft: Köln | Amtsgericht Köln: HRA 29646
> Komplementär: Bareos Verwaltungs-GmbH
> Geschäftsführer: Stephan Dühr, M. Außendorf, J. Steffens,
>                  P. Storz

Thank you, for your impressive work! I hope you will back 
as a Bareos developer. By the way, how can I support product?
Is there any way to send some payments via PayPal, or some kind 
crowdfunding project for development Bareos?

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