On mercredi, 12 octobre 2016 00.52:49 h CEST Dane Elwell wrote:
> On Tuesday, 11 October 2016 20:33:09 UTC+1, Bruno Friedmann  wrote:
> > I believe for the moment this bug is stucked.
> > Someone needs to be able to provide a trace which is always
> > overcomplicated
> > under windows :-)
> > 
> > Are you able to ? if yes please post result in the bugtracker.
> Hi Bruno,
> We have access to Windows developers who might be able to get this
> information, however can you clarify what you mean by a trace? If you can
> point us in the right direction we'll try and get the data you need.
> This bug is currently stopping a significant rollout of BareOS across our
> Windows systems, so any assistance you can provide would be helpful.
> Regards
> Dane

A quick note, 

You have some parameters here 

and I would at least start the windows fd daemon with a -d 200 included in its 
service file to see if there's some elements

You should obtain log in %programdata%\bareos normally (I don't have access to 
a windows plateform until next saturday).

I know some tools exists under windows to trace what file sockets and ports an 
exe is using.

I would also check if the problem is not linked to ipv6 privacy, network 
connection going in with the public address and then output going on one of 
private ipv6 ... (easy to setup under linux, don't know how to do that quickly 
under MS os...)


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