I'm trying to include my fileset from the file daemon. Like published in the 
bacula book on page 219 the syntax is 
File = "\\</path/to/file/on/client"
So i tried File = "\\>C:/Program Files/Bareos/backupfiles" and File = 
"\\>C:/Program Files/Bareos/backupfiles.txt"
with the following content in that file:
"C:/Program Files/Keys"

but if i run a backup, bareos only says:
15-Sep 10:26 titan-fd JobId 606: Fatal error: No drive letters found for 
generating VSS snapshots.
15-Sep 10:26 titan-fd JobId 606: Error: VSS API failure calling 
"BackupComplete". ERR=Object is not initialized; called during restore or not 
called in correct sequence.

If I use the same files with File= prefix in fileset it will work, but with the 
include-thing not. Can anybody help?

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