Its almost 8 years ago since I send out the first patch for Bacula
after I started using it and found out that it was not using
shared libraries. All in all I spend the most of these 8 years
first on Bacula and later on BAREOS. Around 6 years ago I
started on the first bigger enhancements first targeted for
Bacula but which eventually were first published as part
of BAREOS. On 12/12/2012 we founded the BAREOS company
and ever since I have been working mostly full time and more
on the project and company.

Over time we have done some major things and I think I can
say that BAREOS is now what I always hoped Bacula to be.
We did introduce some major things:

- Probably re-factored around 80% of the code over time
  making the 15 year code base ready for the future.
- Added SCSI crypto for LTO4+
- Made the old NDMP reference implementation a compelling
  shared library and also pushed that 15 year into the
  future (its also from 2001).
- Fully integrated NDMP as protocol do do backups
  in the Director making it a full native citizen for
  now using emulated NDMP storage but the first steps
  are there to support native NDMP storage.
- Created a fully fletched python plugin framework in
  which rapid prototyping can be done and which given
  the high level python language still is pretty performant.
- Added support for storage backend abstraction making
  storage on CEPH and Gluster possible.
- Added lots of native plugins for storage like Gluster
  and CEPHFS making things ready for the future.
- A new webui replacing BAT including a full new API
  mode in the Director that speaks JSON.
- Lots of windows enhancements including a full new
  build system and the restore of being able to build
  and run the Bareos Storage Daemon and Director.
- Removal of the dreaded single VSS session on Windows.
- Lots of autochanger support like import/export
  support natively in the Director.
- The introduction of LMDB for both accurate and
  NDMP file handle storage making things seriously
  more scalable.
- Million of other things both big and small.

A couple of months back I started thinking about the future
and I came for myself to the conclusion that the next major
steps are in the storage daemon probably starting a so called
Storage Daemon 2.0 parallel to the current existing one.
That would mean a lot of dedication and also a lot of
frustration as programming is hard work almost some sort
of an art and sometimes you are stuck between a rock and
a hard place trying to solve the problem.

I don't see myself as the right person trying to push things
further so I have made the decision to stop my involvement
in BAREOS. I don't have the urge anymore to prove to people
how an open source backup product could look like. I have
been financing this effort mostly from my own savings
the last 6 years and still I see a lot of people saying
I don't want to pay for subscription or support because
its Open Source. So essentially its pretty difficult to
make a proper living out of this and the last blow was
for me the enormous difficultly to get sponsors for
the items on our recently announced funded development
program. The pace in which we have been putting out new
features and enhancements is something that could only
happen because we invested so much of our time and money
in this project. For some people its difficult to understand
it seems that a project like this cannot live from air.

So what does that mean:

- As of 03/09/2016 I have stopped being the Bareos
  gatekeeper (e.g. the person who controls the core git repo.)
- I also upstreamed my last patches internally for 17.2
  (e.g. current master.)
- I will go low profile on the mailing lists.
- I will lay down my role as CTO of Bareos GmbH & Co K.G.
- I will no longer be the lead developer of Bareos
- Start with a 4 month sabbatical and looking around to see
  what to do next.

I wish everyone the best for the future and thank everyone
I worked with the last years in our small community for what
we have accomplished.

Marco van Wieringen                   marco.van.wierin...@bareos.com
Bareos GmbH & Co. KG                  Phone: +49-221-63069389

Sitz der Gesellschaft: Köln | Amtsgericht Köln: HRA 29646
Komplementär: Bareos Verwaltungs-GmbH
Geschäftsführer: Stephan Dühr, M. Außendorf, J. Steffens,
                 P. Storz

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