Am 17.10.2016 um 16:50 schrieb Klaus Steinmetz:
> Hi,
> I want to migrate from bacula to bareos. Within bacula I use more catalogs to 
> improve the performance.
> Bareos works fine. Now I want to use the second catalog (migrated from 
> bacula), I got this messages within Bareos Webui:
> Expected a positive integer, got: status scheduler
> Select Catalog resource (1-2): 
> Have somebody an idea, whow to configure Bareos Webui. I'm using Version 15.2 
> - the latest.
> Best regards and thanks in advance.
> Klaus


usage of multiple catalogs with bareos-webui has been introduced
recently with version 16.2, version 15.2 does not support it.


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