Am 17.03.2017 um 14:29 schrieb Douglas Hammond:
> I did and it is not clear to me.  It is Figure 23.2: Jobs Available
> with ”Always Incremental Max Full Age” in the documentation that has
> me wondering.
> If you look at 06.02.16 you will see a gap between the full backup(the
> red '+') and the first incremental update(the first green 'x').  To me
> it looks like the incremental backups for that gap would be lost.

Why? There is no gap, the incremental and the Full are consolidated into the 
new full

Everything that "disappears" from one day to the next is consolidated into what 
is created the next day.

> Under "23.5.2 Always Incremental Max Full Age" I do see "in daily
> operation the Full Backup is left untouched while the incrementals are
> consolidated as usual". Consolidated to what, the current increment?
> Does this mean that each green 'x' on the chart is actually a
> consolidation of the previous increments?  I thought that was the red
> '+' on the chart and the full backup?

Have you read and understood what is described in "How it works?"

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