Am 08.08.2017 um 23:18 schrieb Jon SCHEWE:
> In my directors.ini for bareos WebUI I see "; Note: TLS has not been
> tested and documented, yet.". Are there plans to support using TLS
> encryption between the web frontend and the director?
> Thank you
> - Jon

Hi Jon,

of course, there are plans to support using TLS between webui and the
director. The code base is already in but not tested yet, if it is
working properly.

Unfortunately, we do have limited resources and it is not quite sure,
when testing and final adjustments will happen regarding that topic,
maybe it may happen until the 17.2 release, but no promises.

If that feature is critical to you, we could put it on the co-funding
development list, which will lead to a higher priority where resources
are spend on, when the funding goal is reached.

Please let us know, when you are interested in co-funding.

Also, contributions are pretty welcome as well.


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