Am 23.02.2018 um 12:55 schrieb Jens Köhler:
> Hi,
> just in case someone still struggles with the "Oops, something went wrong, 
> probably too many files" issue when trying to open directories with a lot of 
> files or some really big files in Bareos Webui Restore tree, this commit 
> fixes the problem, atleast for me:
> https://github.com/bareos/bareos-webui/commit/ee232a6f04eaf2a7c1084fee981f011ede000e8a
> Thanks to fbergkemper
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> something went wrong, probably too many files."
> Hey guys,
> we are having the same issue with two separate Bareos 17.2.4 servers. One is 
> a fresh install, the other one has been upgraded from 16.2.4 to 17.2.4. The 
> error occurs as soon as we want to display the content of a bigger directory 
> in the file selection tree. Bigger means the folder contains more than like 
> 100 files or so. That's annoying considering you have a really big directory 
> of which you can't see the content so you are forced to restore the whole 
> thing in case of emergency.
> -
> Additionally I didn't expect to always get a restore of the whole directory 
> if I mark just one file in it to be restored. Did you experience that aswell? 
> Or is it normal behaviour and I'm missing something?
I do have a question regarding the restore of a whole directory instead
of just the selected file.

What type of OS and DB is in use in that case?

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> went wrong, probably too many files."
> On Monday, February 5, 2018 at 8:54:46 AM UTC-5, Daniel wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I saw the error several time on my system, too. I use Ubuntu Server 16.04 
>> and bareos 17.2.4. But the restore seems to be completed, no files are 
>> missing. So I think it es only a problem with showing the files in WebUI.
> I've seen it in the last several versions.  I added my comments to a bug on 
> it but have heard nothing.


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