Hello bareos community,

I'm playing around with bareos for a few weeks now, what a great product! Planning to replace our div. backup solutions of rsync scripts and XenServer exports, I'm experimenting with all the features to get our new concept on the way.

Finding the right way for backing up our Citrix XenServer VMs is one thing I'm currently struggeling with.

For now, I think going with the bpipe plugin and a custom reader script that will "suspend -> export to stdout -> resume the VM" is the best way for us.

This brings me to the question if it is possible to change the "writer command" defined in the fileset for existing backup jobs at the time of restore. I'd like to decide which options to use for a specific restore:

- write vm image to file, or
- stream directly to "xe vm-import", but with different options (preserve=true, metadata=true, etc.)

As far as I understand, the writer command of the used fileset ist stored in the database and will always be used for restoring jobs that used this fileset. I tried to change the command in the fileset definitions in the filesystem, manipulated the records in the fileset table but with no success..

Can someone "enlighten" me?

Marcus Wagner

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