Hi again, seems this problem is not new: https://bugs.bareos.org/view.php?id=764#c2507 <-- here explain how it must be done: two storages with different names, one different device to each other (both can have same configuration, like pointing to same folder). Even more, last paragraph says the same as I say: to write it better, is confusing.

El 12/03/18 a las 16:12, desarro...@opcode.cl escribió:
Hi bareos members, sorry by my poor english,

    Currently I'm trying to set up an Always Incremental scheme.

    Here: http://doc.bareos.org/master/html/bareos-manual-main-reference.html#x1-28900023.3.3 pool examples show that I have to define "two storages" (Storage = File1, Storage = File2). "Storage" directive for Pools say ( http://doc.bareos.org/master/html/bareos-manual-main-reference.html#directiveDirPoolStorage ) that "defines the name of the storage services where you want to backup the FileSet data", so it means that I have to set a "Storage daemon" where to put data.

    Next, appear a "more details here ( http://doc.bareos.org/master/html/bareos-manual-main-reference.html#x1-22400017.2.2 )". Clicking there I go to the "Multiple Storage devices" and explain how I can set "multiple devices for one storage", this is very different that previously step show. So what I have to set up here? Multiple "Storage Daemons" or "Multiple Devices in one Storage"? I think it need a better redaction to clarify this point.

    If I have to setup a "multiple devices in one storage", is there a way to save "always incremental" data in one device and "consolidated data" in another device?. Hope some one can bring me an example about this.

Thanks in advance.

Patricio Mercado G.

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