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> Until now BackupPC was used as a backup, but the partial restore takes place 
> on the client or as a single file in the web interface. Before encryption, we 
> do not even talk. As the status of our company changes, so does the security 
> policy. That's how I came to Bareos.
> The installation is currently running very satisfactorily in the productive 
> test. Now we have set up a second server for testing. Background is secured 
> connection via TLS and encryption of the backups according to the Privacy 
> Policy.
> And that's where it hooks up with me. There are a lot of configurations for 
> Bacula, some before the time of the fork to Bareos. I made the configuration 
> according to manual and have always the problem with the handshake when I go 
> to the bconsole. Not to mention the Faillogin on the Webui. Unfortunately, I 
> have to say, that I have not dealt with TLS until now, except for a few 
> certificates for websites. Most of it is done by SSH or via routing on the 
> firewall. Maybe someone has a manual after which you can understand something 
> so reasonable.

I guess, you are already aware of the documentation, see

The last time I configured this, I used the xca tool to create a local
CA and the required certificates for the damoens. You have to export the
certificates and keys in PEM format.

Using the IP addresses is not an issue, as long as you use the "TLS
Allowed CN" directives. This defines what systems (certificates) are
permitted to access.

The http://www.bacula-buch.de/ by Philipp Storz (one of the founders of
Bareos) describes this in more detail. Unfortunately out of print, but
still available on a couple of places.

Last but not least: with bareos >= 18.2 (currently master) certificates
are no longer required of encrypted connections. Instead Bareos will use
TLS-PSK (Pre Shared Keys) by default to encrypt the traffic. No extra
configuration required.

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