On 30.06.2020 07:24, Erich Eckner wrote:
Device "vchanger-1-0" (/var/spool/vchanger/vchanger-1/0) is waiting for sysop intervention:
    Volume:      vchanger-1_0005_0153
    Pool:        Incremental
    Media type:  Offsite-File
    Device is BLOCKED waiting for mount of volume "vchanger-1_0005_0292",
       Pool:        Incremental
       Media type:  Offsite-File
    Slot 753 is loaded in drive 0.
    Total Bytes Read=213 Blocks Read=1 Bytes/block=213
    Positioned at File=0 Block=0

There is nothing reading from this device, there are only jobs waiting for 1_0005_0292 to be mounted. If I tell vchanger (via bconsole) to mount any volume, it only mounts 1_0005_0153 again, which is also evident in the fs itself:

/var/spool/vchanger/vchanger-1/0 -> /mnt/bareos/mnt6/vchanger-1_0005_0153

If I change that symlink and the info in /var/spool/vchanger/vchanger-1/drive_state-0 manually to point to the right volume, vchanger reports the right volume, but bareos does not notice the change. So here are my questions:

I'd try running director and sd with higher debug level and see what's happening.

If not, how can I refresh the info in bconsole without re-mounting (this will only mount the wrong volume again)?

update slots doesn't help?

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