The Barry development team is pleased to announce the release of
version 0.18.3.  Source and binary packages are available for immediate
download at the URLs below.

Barry is an Open Source application that provides a Desktop GUI,
synchronization, backup, restore, program management, and raw channel
support for BlackBerry devices.

Barry is primarily developed on Linux, but is intended as a cross platform
library and application set, targeting Linux, BSD, 32/64bit, and
big/little endian systems.  The command line utilities have been reported
to work on Mac OSX and Windows using Cygwin and libusb.

(Note: versions 0.18.1 and 0.18.2 were source-only releases for Debian.)

What's New?

This release contains some exciting new features:

        * Fedora 14 and 16 yum support

        * Ubuntu 12.04 binary packages, with apt repository

        * Added Evolution3 opensync plugin support to Desktop
          (now both evolution2 and evolution3 plugins supported)

        * Made Evolution plugin configuration in the Desktop much more
          flexible and forgiving

        * Added ability to import and export vcard and vevent objects
          directly into and out of the device, using the Desktop GUI
          (Address Book, Calendar, Memos, and Tasks supported)

        * New libtar0 binary packages available on Ubuntu
          to fix FORTIFY_SOURCE crashes

        * Library features and bugfixes:
                - MimeDump template class to library
                - pkg-config now properly uses libbarry-18 for
                  the library name instead of libbarry-0

        * Fixed parsing and syncing of recurring calendar items

        * Fixed the opensync vformat plugin to recognize lower case
          parameter values, which fixes a sync issue with evolution


Binary packages (32 and 64bit) and sources are available on SourceForge for
the following distros:

        Debian stable (squeeze)
        Ubuntu 10.04, 11.04, 11.10, 12.04
        Fedora 14, 16

Apt Repository:

Apt users can also install Barry by adding the following to sources.list:

        deb squeeze main


        deb squeeze main

Replace "squeeze" with ubuntu1004, ubuntu1104, ubuntu1110, or ubuntu1204
as needed.  The GPG key can be found on the public key servers.
Its fingerprint is:

        82DE DE11 74C1 0EA7 C55D  5679 3B52 35AE B6C2 250E

Yum Repository:

Fedora users can create a new barry.repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d/ with
the following contents:

        name=Barry for Fedora $releasever - $basearch

        name=Barry sources for Fedora $releasever - Source


The Barry documentation is available online at the usual place:

Documentation updates to better reflect version 0.18.x are planned.
Stay tuned.

Please report any bugs or problems you have to the barry-devel mailing list.
Also, please report which features you are most interested in.



Contributors in this release: (alphabetical order by last name)
        intrigeri                       - debian packaging
        Nicolas VIVIEN                  - the evolution3 plugin itself

Chris Frey (63):
      doc: version bump to 0.18.0 in main index page
      doc: updated ReleaseChecklist.txt
      Use version strings from configure instead of hardcoded
      debian: removed hardcoded libbarry18 from plugin control files
      desktop: removed some commented code
      desktop: added support for evo3-sync plugin
      desktop: made all Plugin class members virtual
      maint: enable evo3-sync plugin builds in binary-meta scripts
      maint: removed libopensync-devel from fedora depscript
      desktop: fixed Evolution3 class pointer return override
      desktop: use os4x's osync_error_print_stack() for more detailed error msgs
      debian: fixed syntax errors for debian/copyright
      maint: renamed RPM GPG key filename from -binary-meta to -barry
      Barry version 0.18.1 (debian sid release)
      maint: updated 32 and 64bit build scripts for Ubuntu support
      maint: added proper sample of Barry yum repo file for Fedora
      maint: added apt conf file for ubuntu 12.04
      debian: changed copyright fields to avoid UTF-8 characters, with 
      debian: split vformat.{h,c} into separate items, to avoid any syntax 
      debian: clarified Source field
      doc: added comment in src/ regarding its security assumptions
      debian: beefed up some control descriptions to avoid lintian warnings
      debian: added new lintian overrides for sid builds
      Barry version 0.18.1-2 (debian sid release)
      debian: removed trailing colon from copyright Files line
      debian: added ${misc:Depends} to binary packages since we use debhelper
      Barry version 0.18.1-3 (debian sid release)
      Version: fixed pkg-config files to use major version 18 instead of old 0
      doc: updated ReleaseChecklist.txt to include .pc file versioning
      Barry version 0.18.2
      lib: moved mimedump.h from tools/ into the library (mimeio.h)
      desktop: added Import and Export buttons to Browse mode (MIME vcard 
      maint: added XML configs for ABI checking: 0.17.2, 0.18.0, 0.18.2, 0.18.3
      doc: more updates to ReleaseChecklist.txt
      Barry version 0.18.3
      debian: fixed .lintian-overrides, making them less version specific
      maint: added deb-libtar target to all Ubuntu bm builds
      maint: added rpmclean to Fedora and openSUSE rpm builds
      doc: updated ReleaseChecklist.txt yet again
      maint: changed abi checker script to use git tags instead of tarballs
      debian: barrydesktop binary package recommends barrybackup-gui
      maint: added hint on gpg-agent usage to signing scripts
      desktop: change SyncStatusDlg to resizeable
      desktop: fixed SyncStatusDlg resize bug
      debian/rpm: fixed desktop and backup menu icon names and .desktop config
      lib: fixed parsing of recurring VEVENTS: DAILY and interval support
      doc: updated ReleaseChecklist.txt
      desktop: fixed bug where menu's Rename Device option got incorrectly 
      desktop: fixed bug that deleted device name if saving an unconnected sync 
      desktop: added concept of configured PST type mask
      desktop: fixed Evolution config writing, setting enabled only if URL is 
      desktop: EvoCfgDlg: add default path option, and show current cfg better
      lib: added DaysInMonth() utility function
      lib: fixed Interval handling, in case of negative input value
      lib: added warning checks for unsupported recursion fields in
      lib: improved error message reporting in
      lib: fixed RecurBase class's Dump output, to use decimal numbers
      lib: remove some of the copious calls to localtime_r() in
      lib: replace month normalization code with mktime() in
      lib: added handling and checks for negative VEVENT recurrence values
      Revert "debian: added support for hardened builds"
      doc: updated ReleaseChecklist.txt
      lib: added NICKNAME support to vcard, and therefore to sync as well

intrigeri (1):
      Reformat debian/copyright to suit informal style habits.

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