Hi All,

A few comments:
- Can I get edit rights to some mediatek related pages, there are some things I 
might clear up/freshen up: 
https://osmocom.org/projects/baseband/wiki/Hardware (to add new pages for the 
newer mediatek chipsets)
Or maybe just add pages and give me edit rights so I can add findings as I make 

- the loader_mtk doesn't work in master and I can't find the 
steve-m/loader_sciphone branch in git, so either someone might find that branch 
or I'll need to fix things up.
- I have a start at supporting both mt6260 (fernvale) and mt6235 (sciphone 
dream g2) but the sciphone's lack of something easy to "blink" slowed me down a 
little ;) I tried the lcd backlight and the vibrate function but neither proved 
easy-fixes with the existing uboot code.
- I could add more info about various mediatek devices on more pages on the 
wiki. Maybe I could get access or we could create some pages for... fernvale, 
sim800, zte-obsidian/mt6735, rephone (ACSip mt2502) and adjust some more 
general info about romloader.
- I might take a crack at modifying the osmocon mtk loader bits to support 
different systems like -m mt6260 -m mt6261 -m mt6235 -m mt6735. Though much is 
the same the main differences seem to be startup behavior, baud rate and SRAM 


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