Reha Yildirimman wrote:
> Hello,
> when I try to delete one or more reporters I get the following error 
> message: **** Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key 
> constraint fails (`base2/ReporterListScores`, CONSTRAINT 
> `FKFA665A40EAB01E4E` FOREIGN KEY (`reporter_id`) REFERENCES 
> `Reporters` (`id`)) ****
> updating the indexes or a running didn't change anything.

No, of course not. Those scripts should only be used when updating from
one BASE version to another.

> Since the reporters I want to delete are the only ones inside Base I
> would manually delete them from the tables: - ReporterListScores - 
> Reporters but I dont know if other tables have an association to 
> those reporters?

You have the reporters in a reporter list. The reporter list must first
be deleted (don't forget to empty the trashcan) before the reporters can
be deleted.


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