Hi Pawel,

Check this post from July regarding importers -- everything in here still 

http://www.mail-archive.com/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/msg01487.html

As far as exporters go, the only effort I am aware of currently is for a new 
MAGE-TAB format exporter which is being done by Philippe Rocca-Serra at the EBI 
and which (I think) will probably be available by the end of the summer, like 
the new MAGE-TAB importer. 

There is also an existing version of a Tab2Mage format exporter available from 
the plugins website 
(http://baseplugins.thep.lu.se/wiki/uk.ac.ebi.Tab2MageExporter) but I was not 
involved in this plugin and I am not sure whether it is currently maintained 
and compatible with current versions of BASE2. 

In the medium to longer term, MAGE-TAB will be replacing Tab2Mage at the EBI, 
which is partly why the development of Tab2Mage components is halted for now. 

Hope this helps a little.



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> Dear "All",
> I am a member of Bioinformatics Group at BOKU University Vienna.
> We are thinking about implementing BASE2 to our lab, but crucial for us
> would be a possibility to export experiment information using Tab2Mage
> format.
> What is the state of development of new version of Tab2Mage
> Exporter/Importer? (In some older posts I found that it should have
> been ready around June)
> We also think that it can be useful to be able to export an experiment
> summary as a tab-delimited file. Experiment summary containing
> information about all steps from biosurce to bioassay.
> Do you consider a such improvement? Or maybe it already exists
> somewhere ?
> Best,
> --
> Pawel Labaj
> Chair of Bioinformatics
> Department of Biotechnology
> Boku University Vienna
> A-1190 Muthgasse 18
> Austria, Europe

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