Pawel Sztromwasser wrote:

>> I don't see any reason not to have the functionality. We will appreciate any
>> contributions. Since both functions require changes to the database you must
>> work against the trunk source code and there are a few "bookkeeping" things 
>> to
>> consider, but we can help you with that. Can you create one ticket for the
>> externalId approach and one ticket for the annotation approach to the BASE 
>> website?
> done!


>> When you have code to submit it is simple to generate at patch with the 
>> command
>> 'ant svn.diff' and upload/attach the generated file to the ticket.
>> What timeframe do you have on this? We have not set a date for BASE 2.12 
>> yet, but
>> expect to have most things completed within a few weeks. We are also doing 
>> some more
>> work on plug-ins and extensions that are related so it may be up to a month 
>> before
>> everything is finished.
> Well, it could be difficult with time before July. I am off work for the 
> whole of June and only one day in a week dedicated to BASE. I will 
> probably start next week, but don't expect anything working before my 
> holidays. I guess this makes it patch for 2.13 rather then 2.12...

Thats fine with us. I was just worried that you needed this sooner.


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