>> So I am reasonably happy with 4)

With 3) I meant. Typo.

> I have heard the name JSON but didn't know that it had to
> do with web services. 

Indeed it isn't closely "affiliated" with web services: it is
just another string encoding for tree-like semi-structured data. 
My understanding is that it is close to ASN.1 and that in terms 
of complexity ASN.1 >> XML ~ YAML > JSON > SEXP (S-Expressions)
JSON seems very popular with the Javascript crowd.

> Just because it is Java objects on the server side doesn't 
> mean that it has to be the same objects on the client side 

Yes but interop is one of those here-be-dragons things and 
Axis gives you the Java for free whereas you have to roll out
anything else by yourself, which not everyone has the skills
or the inclination to do (right now I'd be challenged to it
myself, although I fear I'm going to have to learn).

-- O.L.

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