> It used to work on 2.12.x but I'm having trouble reproducing that now
> because I don't have a database with the correct schema easily to hand
> (we could dig up an old backup...).
> After some detective work, I believe it's something to do with
> http://dev.thep.lu.se/base/ticket/1350
> and
> http://dev.thep.lu.se/base/changeset/5026/trunk/src/core/net/sf/basedb/core/data/ReporterData.java
> Should we change our code?
> ("Microarray" is one of our object classes)

Yes, I think this is due to changes in ticket 1350. It is known that 
this may affect backwards compatibility and it is mentioned in the 

There is also code snippet that illustrates how to fix the problem. 
Basically you'll need something like:

featQuery.join(Hql.leftJoin(null, "reporter", Item.REPORTER.getAlias(), 
null, true));

Hope this helps.


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