Hello all,

Today we are happy to announce the release of BASE 3.0-beta. If all goes
well the final 3.0 release is expected within the near future.

This release should contain all new functionality that is needed for
supporting sequencing experiments with expression like data, but there
may still be some bugs to fix.

Do not use this release on a production server. It is not certain that
upgrading to the final 3.0 release will be possible. Upgrading existing
servers will be possible from BASE 2.17 only. The beta release should be
able to upgrade both MySQL- and PostgreSQL- backed installations.

The 3.0 release is not binary-compatible with BASE 2. This means that
existing plug-ins/extensions may not work until updated versions are
available. There is more information about this in the upgrade instructions.

The user and administrator documentation should be up to date, but the
developer documentation is still not 100% complete. We will try to
answer questions and help with problems on the mailing list.

For a complete list of changes, see:

Installation/upgrade instructions:

As usual, the program can be downloaded from:


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