On 2014-09-05 12:30, Bob MacCallum wrote:
> Hello BASE devs and users,
> I didn't post this to the users list because I'm 99% sure there isn't a
> GUI way to add/remove inherited annotations (in our case inheriting
> annots from BioSources to Physical Bioassays).  But please correct me if
> I'm wrong, Nicklas.

There is no GUI for doing batch modifications, you'll have to do it for 
one item at a time.

> We're doing a bit of a spring clean and would like to re-inherit annots
> for a few hundred hybs - as a one-off event but we don't really want to
> get RSI through the GUI ;-)
> Does anyone have/know of some code that NickH and I could modify for our
> purpose (just to save some time).

The only place I can think of is the feature that let's you inherit 
annotations to all raw bioassays in an experiment. Basically it calls 
for each raw bioassay in the experiment and passing in the set of 
annotation types selected as "experimental factors". It doesn't remove 
or replace existing inherited annotations.


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