Hello all,

We have released BASE 3.5 today. This is a new major release that
is focusing on new features for filtering and annotations. Among other

   * It is possible to filter with OR logic in tables
   * Batch inhering annotations
   * Filtering on inherited annotation in tables
   * New 'item list' feature that makes it possible for complex
     filtering on parent/child relationships

A side-effect is that BASE 3.5 is not fully binary compatible with
earlier releases. Custom extensions or plug-ins that use the
'Biomaterial list API' are affected. See
http://base.thep.lu.se/chrome/site/latest/html/appendix/incompatible.html for 
more information.

For a complete list of changes, see:

Upgrading follows the usual procedure:

As usual, the program can be downloaded from:


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