The analysis is excellent and the information is just what we needed. 
The problem is that there is a limit on how long an URL can be. This is 
different from browser to browser. It can also be affected by what the 
server can handle and if there are any proxys the request is passing 
through. If found this link which has investigated some limitations:

If you are using IE this would explain why the URL gets truncated.

Obviously the problem needs to be fixed on the BASE side. We should not 
generate URLs that are as long as this. In the meantime I see only two 
possible workarounds:

1) Don't display too many columns. The limit of 62 may become lower if 
you are filtering since the filter string(s) will also be added to the URL.

2) Try to use Firefox instead. This option will of course only work if 
the web server, proxies, etc. also supports longer URLs.


Johan van Heerden wrote:
> Thanks for the rapid response!
> I managed to sort the second problem out, it seems
> that an increase in the memory allocated to Tomcat
> solved it...all samples are now found!
> With regards to the termination of my session when
> working on the main Samples page (with +/- 85
> annotation fields visible). I've looked at the Tomcat
> log, but I'm not to sure what to look for.  The log
> data is included at the end of this msg (first bit is
> generated when I navigate to the Samples page, 2nd bit
> is generated when I try and open any window from this
> page) below.  I've tried to do some diagnostics and
> the problem seems to be related to the number of
> annotation fields visible in the main view.  As soon
> as I reduce the number of annotation columns to 62
> everything works fine.  Having looked at why 63 fields
> seem to produce some limit I found that the URL being
> passed to backend (URL in address bar of error page)
> seems to be truncated (with the cmd function, which is
> “Import” in this case, being truncated as "impo" (see
> below).  The Web interface also generates an error
> saying "Invalid command: The command Impo is not
> recognised as a valid command." (Screenshot can be
> sent.)
> http://xx.xx.xx/base2/biomaterials/samples/index.jsp?rowsperpage=10&presetselector=&filter%3ASTRING%3Aname=%25WBA%25.plasma&filter%3ASTRING%3AexternalId=&filter%3AFLOAT%3AoriginalQuantity=&filter%3AFLOAT%3AremainingQuantity=&

> DOUBLE%3A%2358=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2359=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2357=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2362=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2361=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2360=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2365=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2364=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2363=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2368=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2367=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2366=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2370=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2371=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2369=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2322=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2323=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2321=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2328=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2329=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2327=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2325=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2326=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2324=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2331=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2332=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2330=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2334=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2335=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2333=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2340=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2341=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2339=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2343=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2344=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2342=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2352=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2353=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2351=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%237

> 3=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2374=&filter%3ADOUBLE%3A%2372=&rowsperpage=10&ID=4721ceb93fa55a04&cmd=Impo
> As soon as the annotation fields are increased to 64,
> I get an error saying that I’m no longer logged in or
> that BASE has been restarted.  I presume this is
> because the “&ID=xxxxxxxxxxxx” bit is being truncated?
>  At 62 annotation fields, the Import screen activated
> without any problems and the URL in the address bar
> is: 
> http://xx.xx.xx/base2/common/import/index.jsp?ID=bf0b70ec121da201&cmd=SelectPlugin&item_type=SAMPLE&context_type=LIST&title=Import+sample
> Any ideas as to how to get around this problem will be
> greatly appreciated!!

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