We have noticed that Experiment overview is very slow for large 
experiments (>40 raw bioassays) with many items annotated (mainly 
samples). I takes over a minute for some of the experiments to load 
overview (or re-validate). I narrowed the issue down to this line:

List<Annotation> inherited = annotationQuery.list(dc);

in addAnnotations(..) method (ExperimentOverview.java).

The list(dc) method takes ~200ms to complete. It is not much, but 
multiplied by number of items on the way from rawbioassay down to 
biosource (annotations are checked for each of them) and by number of 
rawbioassays... it causes most of the delay.

Does anybody see similar problem? It is probably just a non-optimal 
postgres query, if experiment overview works fine on mysql dbs.

Best wishes,

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