Hello users,

Has anyone had any luck moving from unitless annotations,
e.g. Age = "5 days"
to the new unit(ed?) annotaions  Age = 5 (unit = day)

I had a quick look at our data and it looks like one would
have to do something like this:

rename old string type 'Age' to 'AgeX' (or whatever)
create new floating point annotation Age
reannotate as necessary
delete AgeX annotations
delete AgeX annotation type
check experimental factors and inherited annots are still OK.

Also, does the Annotation importer handle units yet?


Bob MacCallum | VectorBase Developer | Kafatos/Christophides Groups |
Division of Cell and Molecular Biology | Imperial College London |
Phone +442075941945 | Email r.maccal...@imperial.ac.uk

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