On 2011-02-10 21:00, Thomas Person wrote:
> Howdy all,
> I have a fresh brand new a brand new installation of Base 2.16.1, on
> MySQL 5.1.41, on Ubuntu 10.04.1, with Tomcat 6.0.24, and 1.6 of the
> illumina plugin installed. When attempting to import the BGX file it
> fails with error could not execute query on line 10 in file
> 'MouseWG-6_V2_0_R0_11278593_A.bgx': Mus musculus RefS...
> I'm pretty sure I've got most everything installed and configured
> properly.

It seems like you are missing some required columns in the reporters 
table in the database. Make sure that you have done step 4 and 5 in the 
installation correctly: 


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