Hello all,

Today we are happy to announce the relase of BASE 3.0-alfa. If all goes 
well the final 3.0 release is expected in a couple of months. This 
release contains major changes which are mainly targeted at supporting 
sequencing experiments with expression like data.

Do not use this release on a production server. It is not certain that 
upgrading to the final 3.0 release will be possible. Upgrading existing 
servers will be possible from BASE 2.17 only. This alfa release can't be 
used to upgrade if PostgreSQL is used. This will be fixed before the 
final 3.0 release.

The 3.0 release is not binary-compatible with BASE 2. This means that 
existing plug-ins/extensions may not work until updated versions are 
available. There is more information about this in the upgrade instructions.

Note that since this is an alfa-version, there are features and 
functionality that are still missing and/or not working as expected. The 
documentation is not up to date in many places and information about 
many of the new features is missing. We will try to answer questions and 
help with problems on the mailing list.

For a complete list of changes, see:

Installation/upgrade instructions:

As usual, the program can be downloaded from:


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